Which Headphones Are Right for You?

Which Headphones Are Right for You?

There are many headphone sets on offer however they generally
fall under 4 different categories - in-ear, earbuds,
circumaural or supra-aural.

All have their different uses and are typically used in
specific instances.

Recording studios and so on usually utilize the circumaural
earphones. These have those large round earpads that fit
over the ears entirely and eliminate peripheral noises.
Real noise enthusiasts in some cases utilize these too.

Supra-aural earphones are the foam rubber covered headsets
that sit on the beyond the ear and used to given totally free
with individual stereos or on airlines. They were the cheap
and cheerful alternative in those days.

Earbuds are the earphones that are the bane of commuter s.
life! They sit on the outer part of the ear however does not.
eliminated peripheral sound.

Users usually pump up the volume to compensate for this and.
leave travel companions with the unbelievably irritating.
overflow of tinny sound.

These earphones can cause issue to hearing as well as trigger.
When crossing roadways or similar, interruption. The volume is.
set so high that normal daily noises are drowned out.

Very dangerous!

Last - however not least - are the in-ear earphones in some cases.
called canalphones. As the name suggests they are placed.
straight into the ear canal providing great quality sound and.
banning peripheral sound.

It may be that you will want a different set of headphones.
for various situations. Be aware though that some are.
dangerous in both hearing loss and where mishaps can.
occur. Choose carefully.