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Sony 7506 Headphones Review

Sony 7506 Headphones

Sony 7506

The Sony 7506 has been a capable and dependable workhorse in the audio industry for decades. It remains extremely popular for live sound, post-production, broadcast and radio. These are the standby headphones demanded by many professional singers and for very good reason too. They are most likely to be found in the majority of studios around the world and are even used by the video industry.


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There are many reasons for the 7506’s extreme popularity with just a few of them being their reliability, durability and sound quality. They have been carted around the world by thousands of users and their ruggedness is unparalleled.

They are black in color with red/blue left and right indicators, a collapsible headband/ear cup design and come with a nifty carry bag too.

Sony 7506 Sound

They sound incredibly accurate and clear. They also have a great punch to them as well as smoothness all the way from the low end to the ultra-highs. Another great achievement by Sony was the fact that these headphones sound just as good at low volumes as they do at high ones. Many times a pair of headphones only sound good when they are either loud or soft. Only a very classy pair of cans can deliver good sound at both extremes and the Sony 7506 headphones do this with ease. So not only are these insanely rugged they are also exceptional-sounding, even for the most demanding sound purist. The sound is driven by Neodymium magnets with 40mm drivers creating a frequency response of 10hz to 20khz.

Their impedance is also ideal for iPods, laptops, iPads, iPods and headphone amplifiers. This means their sound quality and volume will be optimal with modern devices. Another great feature is the respectable levels of isolation they provide. This keeps unwanted music out of the microphone if you are tracking a singer, and out of the ears of nearby people if you are working in a broadcast van.

Cons of the 7506 Headphones

The downside to these otherwise magnificent headphones is the fact that for some people they will feel a little strange on your head at first. It may take a week or two for your ears and head to adjust to the feeling of the Sony’s ear pads.


  • The cable is more than long enough for most uses at over 8 feet long.
  • Their cabling is oxygen free copper and is complete with gold connectors to ensure the highest-quality reproduction possible.
  • They are a circum-aural type headphone with a 63 Ohm impedance and a 106dB sensitivity.
  • They come with a 6-month warranty but it’s highly likely you’ll never need it.


For a mid-priced pair of headphones like these you can never expect the earth, but these somehow deliver very close to it. It is no wonder they have become a true industry standard.

There is absolutely no reason why you should not buy these for simple home listening. The Sony 7506 headphones will simply crush any pair of consumer headphones around this price range.



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