Save on the Shure 840 Professional Monitoring Headphones

Shure 840 Headphones

The Shure 840 monitoring headphones are great for either mixing music on the keyboard or just listening to your favorite tunes.

Shure 840

Shure 840


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The adjustable ergonomic fit is comfortable even for those of us with large heads.  The closed design enables you to hear the sound better, and the ear cups rotate to get the best fit.  The headphones have a moisture-wicking headband to alleviate the problem of sweat when listening to for extended periods of time.   In addition, the earpads are made of memory foam to provide the ultimate in comfort.

The Shure SRH840 is Folds Easily

The collapsible design enables them to be easily carried from studio to home.  The detachable cable can be unplugged for easy transport.  The Shure SRH840 headphones even come with a drawstring carrying bag.

To ensure long lasting listening pleasure, the Shure 840 phones even come with an extra set of earpads.  A very nice bonus for those who will use these headphones as a tool for their professional mixing.

The 840 headphones are black and have a professional look.  The closed earpads help to seal out the ambient noise.  The headphones also come with a threaded 1/4 in gold-plated adapter.

The Shure 840 Phones Deliver Great Sound

The Shure 840 headphones deliver great frequency response from as little as 5 HZ up to 25,000 HZ.  The dynamic drivers are 40mm neodymium.  They were designed to fit the needs of professional musicians and studio mixers, so you know that the sound is good.

The midrange and highs are great on these phones.  Most people describe the 840′s as having a neutral playback.  The sound is rich and doesn’t try to introduce bass or treble, but just playback the sound as it was recorded.

The Bass levels are good, but as noted before, play back as recorded.

Overall, these cans deliver fantastic sound for under $200 that you would find in more expensive headphones.

Shure SRH840 Headphones are Coiled

Wireless headphones are extremely popular nowadays, however these are coiled headphones.  So some might not like the limitations that a coil places on you, but the sound is better with a coiled headphone as opposed to a wireless headphone generally speaking.

Although designed for long term listening and comfort, some folks have reported that they can be a bit uncomfortable after an extended period of listening (like over 2 hours).   But many people tout their comfort as one of their benefits, so it may depend on the person using them.

A Video Summary of the Shure 840 Professional Monitoring Headphones:


These headphones are a great buy when compared to other models with similar features.  You can even get free shipping if you order the Shure 840 through the links provided above.


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